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POP Materials
Planogram and spinogram slicks
Orthopedic Planogram and SpinogramMake no mistake about it, where you make your money is real estate. Getting the best use of product placement and floor space. Bell-Horn takes the guess work out of how to merchandise a store. Our options of pre-set retail packaged orthopedic planograms or spinograms are designed with the best selling products to ensure that every foot of space produces you a profit. We can even customize a planogram to your stores needs!
Supplemental catalogs
Supplemental Orthopedic CatalogsFor retail packaged orthopedics, non-retail packaged orthopedics and hosiery- the latest Bell-Horn catalog is the ultimate 'product guide' for the Bell-Horn line. In addition Bell-Horn also offers category specific catalog. Just interested in our hosiery line? The Hosiery Catalog is for you!
Product information guides
Product information guidesInformative and education- these inserts can be found as a add-on tool in most retail orthopedics. From Pediatrics to Ankle and in-between the product information guides inform and educate the consumer.
Prescription Pads
Prescription PadsThese help physicians drive business to your store; Bell-Horn offers orthopedic and hosiery prescription pads as well as a Physician Reference guide that showcases the items a doctor is more likely to prescribe. Plus the Physician Reference guide is small enough to carry in a hip or shirt pocket.
Spinner rack signs, header cards, shelf talkers
Spinner rack signsAll serve the same purpose: GRAB the consumers' attention to lead them to your Bell-Horn display.
Tri-fold Handouts
Tri-fold HandoutsTri-fold handouts placed around products help drive sales by giving the consumer an overview of either a specific product, a entire product line or portions of each. These vibrant pieces compliment the Bell-Horn Retail Orthopedic line and also, when stamped with your stores name and address, serve as a reminder of where they saw the product.
Tradeshow and Promotional Slicks
Tradeshow and Promotional SlicksSimplicity is the key for Bell-Horns tradeshow and promotional slicks; No one walking the floor at a tradeshow wants to be inundated with a caravan of catalogs and product spec sheets. Bell-Horn's tradeshow and promotions slick are full color, single sided informative pieces that efficiently yet eloquently detail all of the specials and promotions without requiring multiple copies that get lost, forgotten or simply thrown away.
Spec Sheets
Spec SheetsNew products don't sell themselves; Bell-Horn's Spec Sheets are full color, glossies that detail all the pertinent information needed regarding new orthopedic or compression hosiery product. These can even be place near a Bell-Horn planogram for added depth and information.
Fitting posters
Fitting PostersBell-Horn's fitting poster can serve as a quick reference guide for your fitters or if placed near a Bell-Horn planogram serve as a 'virtual fitter' for consumers to get a general idea of how and where to measure.
Tape measures and reorder shelf tags
Tape measures, Reorder Shelf TagsWhen used in tandem with the Fitting poster above, the Bell-Horn tape measures takes the guesswork away from consumer measurements and every physician and fitter should never be without a Bell-Horn tape measure. When Bell-Horns retail packaging sells out -as they always do- the reorder tags keep you informed on what stock needs to be ordered next.
Reorder forms for specific planograms
Reorder forms for planogramsOne of the most problematic issues with reorders seems to be having a specific list of products in general. As long as you have a Bell-Horn retail packaged orthopedic or compression hosiery planogram we have a quick order form based solely for that specific planogram.
Customer Advertisements for a variety of media
Customer AdvertisementsThe design staff at Bell-Horn can custom design advertisements for your store for a variety of media: Web, Print, Fax or E-mail based or you could select a few of our 'stock' ads and go from there. Either way Bell-Horn advertisements drive business to you.
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