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Wrist & Forearm Brace
Item Number: 355-RT / 356-LT
Provides immobilization for weak or injured wrists. Made of a cool and breathable material. Low contour at palmar crease allows for full finger dexterity and improved grip strength. Removable palmar stay and two medial/lateral stays provide maximim support and immobilization. Loop lock closures and elastic insert assure proper fit and easy one hand application.

Features Include:
  • Low contour design does not impede finger dexterity.
  • Aluminum palmer stay supports the wrist in a natural cock-up position.
  • Durable and lightweight as well as breathable.
Ideal for minor sprains and fractures of the ulna and radius or after cast removal.

Suggested HCPCS Code: L3908

Sizing Chart:
Wrist & Forearm Brace Sizing Chart

Wrist & Forearm Brace

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