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Item Number: 10090
Our Spinallite Support is a functional, dynamic support with a light structure in aluminum alloy (x-ray transparent) that extends and immobilizes the spinal column in case of osteoporosis or vertebral collapse.
The support is provided by the pressure of the paravertebral bars (they can be perfectly adapted to the anatomy of the wearer) and by the counter-pressure of the shoulder straps. Together with the semi rigid pelvic band it holds the vertebral column in a physiologically natural position which prevents any strong force on the spine. With a simple and effective mechanism the wearer is straightening up himself by pulling the waist straps.
The pressure applied does not interfere with breathing or blood circulation. The extremely light-weight and special lining increases the comfort for the wearer. It is easy to put on and well fitted, with a cover that is completely removable and washable.

Features Include:
  • Removable cover for easy washing.
  • Vertically adjustable.
  • Low profile.
● Dorsalgia and lumbalgia due to osteoporosis.
● Vertebral collapse localized in the dorsal and/or lumbar section.
● Precocious osteochondrosis.
● Hyperkyphosis with chronic back pain.

Suggested HCPCS Code: L0456          Sadmerc Letter

Sizing Chart:
Spinallite Sizing Chart


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