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Non-Retail Packaged
Item Number: BH94060

Post-operative immobilization and protected range-of-motion with 7.5 incremental settings between 0 and 120 of flexion and 0 and 70 of extension. Medial/lateral plastic shells provide additional rigid support and immobilization.
Item Number: BH94040

Economical, lightweight, universal leg brace. Narrow band circumferential cuffs replace full cut leg wraps. Integrated strap/hinge bar design. Protected range-of-motion in 7-1/2 increments from 0 - 120 of flexion and 0 - 70 of extension.
Item Number: BH94253-8

One-piece, easy on/off design. Dual axis hinge provides protected, full range-of-motion control with flexion and extension stops at 0 and 120 of flexion and 0 and 70 of extension in 7-1/2 increments. Trimmable foam leg wraps laminated to brushed nylon. De...
Item Number: 95433-8

A patented hinge design is incorporated into the MaxTrax ROM Air walker providing protected range-of-motion throughout rehabilitation in 7.5 increments from 45 plantar-flexion to 30 dorsi-flexion. The foot and ankle may also be completely immobilized a...
Item Number: 99443

Bell-Horn's exclusive ProStyle Knee Supports are designed to give you the comfort of an elastic support with the therapeutic properties of heat, without the perspiration associated with neoprene.
Item Number: 95043-7

The ProROM Walker provides protected range-of-motion with settings between 45 plantar-flexion and 30 dorsi-flexion in 7.5 increments. Uprights will lock in fixed positions of 0, 7.5, 15, 22.5 and 30 plantar-and dorsi-flexion.
Item Number: BH94120

Full foam wrap may be trimmed for customized fit. Anterior plastic shells provide additional compression and support. Protected range of motion in 7-1/2 increments with settings between 0 - 120 of flexion and 0 - 70 extension. Universal size. Fits rig...
Item Number: 372

Bell-Horn's SmoothStep Ankle - R.O.M. provides protected range-of-motion with settings between 45° plantar-flexion and 30° dorsi-flexion in 7.5° increments.
Item Number: BH94010-Short / BH94011-Long

Hinge bar breakdown capability allows conversion from long leg to short for long term rehabilitation. Integrated full circumference plastic shells provide improved tissue containment. Protected range-of-motion in 7-1/2 increments from 0° - 120° of flexi...
Item Number: BH94353-9 RT / BH94363-9 LT

Recommended for mild medial/lateral instability, including ACL/PCL laxity. Lightweight, rigid, low profile. May be used for post-op, rehabilitation or functional application.
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