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Cast Shoes / Post Op Shoes

Retail Packaged
Item Number: 81132-8 Mens / 81142-7 Womens

The Post-Op Shoe is designed large enough to contain even the bulkiest dressings. The breathable mesh upper conforms to any abnormalities of the foot and the flexible sole aids in patient mobility and comfort.

Non-Retail Packaged
Item Number: BH81503-7

This post-op shoe, weighing less than six ounces and pressure free is just what the doctor ordered due to its high adjustability.
Item Number: Male 402G-2x / Female 402G-1x

Recommended for treatment of broken toes and/or post-bunion surgery. With a hard vinyl sole and adjustable contact closures.
Item Number: 81110 - 81118

Lightweight protection for plaster casts- this standard rocker cast boot has a sandal style shoe with loop/lock closures on its canvas upper.
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